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Happy Mother's Day to Dog Moms Everywhere!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Henry Toller Tails Wishes all Dog Moms and Pet Moms Everywhere a Happy Mother's Day Photo Credit: Charlotte Wolters

Happy Mother's Day to all the Dog Moms and Pet Moms everywhere!

I know that today is a day when humans traditionally celebrate their mothers. But sometimes it’s important for us dogs, cats and pets of all sorts to celebrate our human mothers.

My human mommy loves me no matter how Toller stubborn I get or when I take up half the bed. Even when my fur sibling Harvey, the tuxedo cat, and I are running around the house, our human dog/catmom loves us no matter what.

For it’s our human mom’s that...

  • take care of our owies when we have one.

  • feed us yummy food and treats.

  • arrange play times with other doggies.

  • hold our paw at the veterinarians when getting our annual vaccinations or get sick.

  • take us to obedience training or other dog sports classes.

  • protect us at the dog parks when needed.

  • rub our bellies, ears, toes and nose.

  • play tug, fetch and know our favorite games and toys.

  • and love us, even when we steal their socks or shoes.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Dog Moms and Pet Moms everywhere. Woofy, Woof!!

— Henry 🐾

Photos: ©Charlotte Wolters &

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