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You Asked - What Came First, the Toller Tails Blog or My Instagram?

Thank you to all the wonderful humans and your fluffy furkids for your support and spreading the word about my blog. Also, thank you for sending me questions and comments!

I'll always do my best to answer your questions.

Question: What Came First, the Toller Tails Blog or Your Instagram Page?

Answer: Well it all started by accident. My humans weren't planning on doing any thing other than taking endless photos of me with their rectangular things that they sometimes talk on. It's that thing that humans call a cellphone. It was a series of unrelated events that prompted them to start my Instagram page.

During my first two weeks in my forever home, every time my humans took me outside for a potty training break or walk a random human would come up and ask to take my picture. It happened more than a few times. Sometimes it caused them to be a bit late for work. So they thought that they would start an Instagram page and directed people to my Instagram page @henry.toller.tails when they asked about photos. And that's how it started. My blog, Twitter and Facebook pages only just happened at the very end of January 2019 and the beginning of February 2019.

How the blog got started

My humans were looking for information about all things Toller and all things puppy, they found a lot of information, but it just didn't quite meet their or more importantly my needs.  They were looking for actual Toller tested dog products reviews based on Toller owners and their dogs' experience. Information that was both factual and fun. So, that's how my blog got started.

How to Follow Me

You can follow me on my:

Upcoming Instagram Contest Alert!

To thank my Instagram followers and celebrate my blog and social media followers, I will be running a contest on my Instagram page in March 2019. So if you have an Instagram account, keep an eye out on my page for my thank you contest which will be featured exclusively on my Instagram page.

Keep barking!



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