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Our Toller Tails

When Henry's humans were looking for information about all things Toller and all things puppy, they found a lot of information, but it just didn't quite meet their or Henry's needs.  They were looking for actual Toller tested dog products reviews based on Toller owners and their dogs' experience. Information that was both factual and fun.


Henry watched his humans searching and was puzzled by their dilemma. One day, he decided to show his humans the Toller Way. He carefully demonstrated his problem solving skills by locating a design flaw in his newest dog toy within 5 minutes!

That's when Henry suggested his humans help him share his insights, musing and experiences with other dogs and their humans. 

Our Goal

Toller Tails aims to provide useful information by creating original and fun content that speaks to all dogs, their humans as well as Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever fans and Toller owners. 

Straight from the Snout™ 

Henry blogs and tells it like it is from the other side of the leash and muses about dog life. Using his Toller doggy powers, Henry blogs and delivers the straight goods and musings about life as not only a dog, but as a Toller. From time to time, Henry likes to comment on the human world too through book reviews, share his dog poetry and other odds and ends. 

That's what you can expect from Henry's Straight from the Snout™ dog blog.

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Meet Henry

Henry Murph Wolters is a Roaneden Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever born in September 2017 in Canada.


Nothing makes Henry happier than spending time hiking with his humans, whether in the city or the country. Unless it's sleeping Toller style in a comfy chair or sofa. 


Like all Tollers, Henry is a savvy problem solver, locates design flaws quickly and enjoys pondering the vagaries of modern dog life.