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Privacy, Content and Photo Use Policies

Henry, Hedy and their humans are based in Canada. Their Toller Tails website, Straight from the Snout™ blog and all associated social media accounts focuses on providing useful information by creating original and fun content that speaks to all dogs, their humans as well as Nova Scotia Ducktolling Retriever fans and Toller owners. 

Neither Henry, Hedy nor their humans are veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, pet nutritionists or certified dog trainers. Everything posted on Toller Tails is based on their own Toller  experiences and years of dog ownership experiences, personal product testing and interviews with specialists and experts.


Everything featured or discussed on Toller Tails and its Straight from the Snout™  blog are paid for by Henry's and Hedy's humans, unless stated otherwise.  Any sponsored blog or social media posts are Henry's, Hedy's and their humans' own opinions. 


Toller Tails, Henry and Hedy will not give your information to any third parties. Toller Tails does not sell, loan or give away your personal information to third parties. Any information gathered is what you decide to provide. You are in control of your personal information.  When Toller Tails readers submit questions for Toller Tails to as their interview subjects, then Toller Tails will only use the initials of the reader asking the question for privacy reasons. 

Information Collected

Toller Tails is the sole owner of information collected on and may collect information from our readers and users at several points on our website to better understand their user experience. Whenever you contact us, leave comments or engage with Toller Tails and/or Hedy and Henry, you decide and you choose what information you wish to share. You may provide personally identifiable information such as where you live, your name and other contact information that can be used to contact you.


Users and readers of the Toller Tails and Straight from the Snout™ can choose to leave comments on particular posts. To leave a comment, users must use the provided commenting form and provide the information requested. 


Toller Tails and its Straight from the Snout™ blog posts contains links to other sites. Please be aware that Toller Tails is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites, blogs or social media platforms. This privacy statement applies solely to the information collected by Toller Tails.

Our Content Policy

Toller Tails owns the rights to all website, blog, Straight from the Snoutcontent and all content on all associated social media platforms including any and all photos of Henry and Hedy including all photos of their humans and their fur siblings on the Toller Tails site and all associated social media platforms. Any content and/or photos taken by Toller Tails, which include all photos of Henry, Hedy and/or  their humans and any of their fur siblings cannot be reproduced, republished or used without expressed permission. 

Photo Use Policy

All photos and any likenesses of Hedy Topaz Wolters (Hedy T.W. Toller Tails) and/or Henry Murph Wolters (Henry H.W. Toller Tails) featured on Straight from the Snout™ blogthe Toller Tails site and also on Henry's Instagram page @henry.toller.tails, Hedy's Instagram page @hedy.toller.tails and @toller.tails, Facebook @TollerTails and any and all associated social media platforms are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or used without permission.


If you are interested in using a photo of Henry and/or Hedy that is featured on the Toller Tails site, Straight from the Snout  blog or any of the Toller Tails and/or Henry's or Henry's social media platforms, please contact Toller Tails. 

Can I use Toller Tails Content and/or Photos?

Only with the express permission from Toller Tails, Straight from the Snout  and Hedy's and Henry's human guardians. If you want to use a photo of Henry, Hedy or both of them or any of the photos taken and owned by Toller Tails, then you must contact Toller Tails and obtain express permission. If you wish to use or reproduce any of the content on Toller Tails and/or Straight from the Snout  then you must contact Toller Tails for express permission.

Third Party Advertising and Google Adsense

Like most websites, we allow third-party advertising companies to post ads from Google Adsense when you visit Toller Tails website and Straight from the Snout blog posts. These third-party companies may  gather aggregated information about your visit this or other websites to provide you with information and advertisements about goods and services that may interest you. If you would like more information about Google Adsense or to opt out of the Google Browser Add-on, click here.

Google Analytics 

Like most websites and blogs we use Google Analytics to understand and improve your user experience. This data is aggregated and anonymous. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google. For information on Google's privacy policy, what type of information it collects and why, then click here.

How can I tell if Toller Tails is recommending a product by a sponsor?

Toller Tails will identify on its posts, including Straight from the Snout posts, that the product or service being recommended and/or discussed is a sponsored product. However, the fact that a product or service is a sponsored product/service does not impact the product testing rating ore service review. Toller Tails  will always apply it's testing guidelines on an equitable basis and also outline the conditions of testing. If we recommend a product or service, it's because it worked for Henry, Hedy and their humans. 

Amazon Affiliate Link

Some Toller Tails posts in the Straight from the Snout  blog, in particular product testing posts, may contain an affiliate referral link. An affiliate link means that Toller Tails may earn a small commission on a recommended product, but there is no extra cost to you. We appreciate your support.

Animal Expertise Disclaimer

Neither Henry, Hedy nor their humans are veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, pet nutritionists or certified dog trainers. Everything posted on Toller Tails website and posted in Straight from the Snout  blog and on all associate social media platforms is based on their own Toller and years of dog ownership experiences, product/service testing, and interviews with specialists and experts.

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