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Are there Toller Rescue Organizations?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Nothing like a puppy dog's love to make you feel Toller! Photo:©Charlotte Wolters &

Sadly, not every #NovaScotiaDucktollingRetriever (NSDTR) is as lucky as myself and thousands of other Ducktollers, who find their forever home immediately. That's why I want to take the opportunity to draw attention to the various Toller rescue groups.

There is a misconception that purebred dogs always find their forever home and never end up in a shelter. This is untrue. Regardless of their pedigree, many purebred dogs end up alongside dogs categorized as mixed breed dogs in animal shelters across Canada and the United States.

According to the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about 3.3 million dogs enter the animal shelter and rescue system every year. In Canada, an average of 33,000 dogs enter Canadian shelters. Statistically, a portion of the dogs entering the American and Canadian shelter system annually are purebred dogs. While the exact number and pedigree of purebred dogs that end up in shelters is unclear, does it really matter?

What are Toller Rescue Groups?

Toller rescue groups are usually non-profit or charitable organizations that work with shelters and other dog rescue organizations to rescue purebred Tollers and Toller Mixes.

As Nova Scotia Ducktolling Retriever owners know, us #Ducktollers are an intelligent, energetic and sensitive bred. We are friendly, hardworking and we know our own mind! This can be challenging for some humans, who are not aware of all of our unique traits and specific needs. A lack of understanding about what Tollers and Toller Mixes need is one reason why my fellow Tollers and Toller Mixes end up in shelters.

Toller rescue groups often work with shelters to identify Tollers and Toller Mixes. Breed specific rescue groups, such as Toller rescue groups, also use their expertise to help rescues find the right forever home.

If you are looking to adopt a rescued Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Toller rescue organizations are a great resource.

What You Can do to Help Rescue Tollers and Toller Mixes?

Reach out to your local shelter. If you are interested in helping rescue or providing a forever home for a Toller or Toller Mix, then reach out to your local shelter and/or humane society and let them know you are interested in giving a forever home or helping find a forever home for a Toller.

Local shelters want to help the animals they rescue find their forever home. If they know you are looking for a Toller or a Toller Mix, then they can help locate a Toller dog in need through their shelter or their networks.

Connect with a Toller Rescue Group Online. You can find Toller Rescue groups and organizations online through a Google search or on Facebook. More and more there are Facebook pages dedicated to connecting rescued animals. This is a good place to start your search.

Toller Rescue Links

Here are a few links to check out if you are looking to locate a Toller rescue:

Opening your home to any animal is special, but for an animal in need of rescue it's life saving.

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