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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

Christmas and the Holiday Season is so exciting! New smells. Tasty treats but it's also a time when many doggies and furry creatures end up in the animal emergency hospital. So check out our classic Holiday Toller Tips!

Plus, this holiday season our humans are still dealing with the pandemic. It's stressful for them and for us pet companions. If you're a lucky dog, then your human may be working from home. In some parts of the world, our humans will be ordered to stay home to help flatten the Covid-19 and Omicron curve. But that means we don't always get to play with them. If your human is looking for tips for on how to entertain you then check out Toller Tips: Stay At Home Canine Enrichment Activities for Humans.

Finally, this time of year it can get pretty cold and the weather is getting more unpredictable. If you are in Canada, then your humans will be familiar with extreme cold weather alerts. But you don't have to be a Canadian pup or live in Canada to experience extreme cold weather. We have a list of things your humans should keep in mind during extreme cold weather.

We wish all furry creatures and their humans a happy & safe holiday season!


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