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Henry's Rainy Day Dog Poetry

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Us Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are known for our smarts and our sensitive natures. During my 18 months on this planet, I sometimes dip my paws into what humans call "dog poetry" or "puppy poetry". It is my way of coping with the stresses of doggy life such as empty food bowels, an unsniffed tree, the weather and of course about humans and their world.

Here are two of my original #dogpoems inspired by the rain. The first is a Henry haiku and the second poem is just my post rainy walk thoughts after seeing my cat fur-sibling Harvey all warm in his bed.

Rain, Not Again

a Haiku

by Henry Toller Tails Rain, rain not again. Dampening my fur and spirit. Human make it stop.

As you probably guessed, I do not like the rain, walking out in the rain, listening to the rain and generally anything about the rain.

It Only Rains For Dogs

The humans say, "it is raining cats and dogs." But no dogs are falling from the sky. I believe this is what a human calls a lie. only rains for dogs.

The dog park is empty and water logged. Rain splashes off my nose and oh, how I wish to be dry. Blanketed in warmth like the cat sitting on high. only rains for dogs.

This morning's wet walk is over and it was a soggy slog. Indoors finally. I shake the rain off and spy the cat curled and glowering all up high and mighty dry. only rains for dogs.

The humans tell me the rain will end as sure as my wet crimped hair will unbend. Secure and warm in my humans' bed Wondering only rains for dogs.

If you would like more doggy poetry, bark at me by clicking here. Also, if you are a fan of dog poetry, then you'll be pleased to know that my humans are gathering some of my puppy poetry and planning to publish a tiny Toller dog poetry book.

Not sure what that means or when it will appear... because humans are weird, but occasionally I also post new puppy poetry on my Toller Tails Facebook Page.

Hope you enjoyed my dog poetry. Woof! Woof!

Photos: ©Charlotte Wolters &

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