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My Dog Nose Unleashed: A Review of the Scent Den

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Henry Toller Tails working one of the Scent Den sensory challeges

Minute my nose sniffed the air as we entered Wholesome Canine in Toronto, it smelled a difference.

The store was filled with exotic, tempting and mouth-watering smells. My doggy nose was immediately drawn to basket of high-quality dog toys, and then quickly distracted by the smells of yummy healthy food supplements and treats. Didn’t know why we were here, but I knew that I wanted to stay.

My humans were greeted by the nicest people. Helen Moore, co-owner of Wholesome Canine and canine training and behaviour expert, led us to a door in the back of the store. My nose was twitching with anticipation. We were about to enter The Scent Den.

As the humans opened the Scent Den door, a wave of scents washed over me. My excitement was hard to contain. So many scents!

The Scent Den exists to unleash your doggy senses. So, my humans let me off leash and immediately I was off — exploring.

One of the interactive smell stations within the Scent Den

To humans, the room looks like a clean but jumbled mess of human items, textures and colours. To me, it smelled of adventure.

At first, I ran around unsure of what to do. My tail wagging and my #Ducktoller brain buzzing. There were so many smells to identify. So many unexpected scents and brand new smells.

While I was padding around the room, I came across one of the many doggy mental enrichment puzzles located in the Scent Den.

Henry Toller Tails woring one of the canine mental enrichment puzzels

They are similar to the ones humans who enroll in Wholesome Canine’s Puzzle Toy Library can take out.

It was my first time working a dog enrichment puzzle. But a dog’s nose knows where to smell and gets down to business!

All my sniffing and problem solving brain work resulted in rewards of tasty healthy treats.

Being a highly food motivated doggy, I soon realized that the Scent Den was not only filled with different textures, levels and smells, but tastes too.

Henry Toller Tails working a snuffle mat in the Scent Den

There were the snuffle mats, boxes filled with different materials that I could poke my nose in, and little bags of smells suspended in the air.

There was even a tunnel of smells.

Throughout my visit, my humans followed the Scent Den Rules and watched me from the seats provided for dog owners.

Henry Toller Tails in the Tunnel of Smells

Occasionally, I trot up and check on them. From their faces, I could see they understood how happy and enriching the Scent Den was for a dog.

Now, I am one of those dogs that can get anxious when in a brand new space or if I feel crowded.

Yet, I didn’t feel any anxiety in the Scent Den. Instead, I was so busy exploring and working my nose that I forgot where I was and surrendered to the smelling experience.

By the end of my time in the Scent Den, I was thoroughly mentally exhausted.

Henry Toller Tails asleep after intense joyful smelling expierence in the Scent Den

When we got back to the car and my humans buckled me into my seatbelt, I just had to sleep.

Toller Tails Straight From the Snout™ Bottomline

The Scent Den is a very positive and transforming experience for both dog and dog owner.

While the Scent Den, located at Wholesome Canine in Toronto, is the first of its kind in North America, it is well worth the trip. Also, the price is very reasonable.

Any dog who needs mental stimulation, has mobility issues, anxiety and/or doggy mental health issue would benefit from some time in the Scent Den.

If you and your human live in the Greater Toronto Area, or you are willing to make the drive to Toronto, then definitely consider booking a session at the Scent Den. You can book a Scent Den experience online.

A dog nose knows when something is good, and Straight From the Snout™, this is one dog experiences I've had and dog owners should consider sharing with their dog.

You can read more about the Scent Den in my interview with Helen Moore, co-owner of Wholesome Canine by clicking here.

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. However, Toller Tails was given a complimentary session in the Scent Den after Henry Toller Tails’ time in the Scent Den. The complimentary session did not impact the review as Henry and always tells it Straight From the Snout™ please see our content policies section for details.

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