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About Toller Tails Product Reviews

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Dogs are smart and no dog toy is immune to damage. Our humans take time to read our dog toy's brand promise, purpose and quality guarantee. Often within minutes after bringing a new dog toy home that brand's promise and quality guarantee is destroyed! It's not just toys that us smart active dogs really put to the test, but collars, leashes, harnesses, dog beds, crates, food bowls, brain games and the list goes on. If a human has designed it for us, then us dogs are sure to test it.

All dog toys are Toller Tested by Henry Toller Tails. Photo:©Charlotte Wolters &

Goal of Toller Tails Product Reviews

One thing about Nova Scotia Ducktolling Retrievers, or Tollers as our dog fans call us, we are world renowned for our clever smarts and focus. If there is a design or manufacturing flaw, then you bet us Tollers will find it.

Early on my humans noticed that when I play with dog toys there is a strategy. It's not just senseless gnawing or attacking. Tollers use strategy. We problem solve by first probing and testing before launching into play. When my humans noticed this Toller tendency they started tracking my Toller testing powers. Over the last year, I have tested dozens of dog toys and products.

The goal of Toller Tails Product Reviews are to help humans and their Tollers get information that will help them make decisions about what dog product may best suit their Tollers' needs.

Every product review will highlight the product's brand promise, quality guarantee and purpose and assess how that product lived up to its promise and guarantee under Toller Testing.

Straight from the Snout™ Reviews

When it comes to product testing Toller Tails wants to give you an honest assessment that is Straight from the Snout™, which is our pledge to provide you information that is accurately based on both my personal and my humans' experiences.

All Toller Tails product review posts will:

  • List the testing conditions

  • Abide by our Straight from the Snout™ pledge to provide an honest assessment

  • Rate specific aspects of the product. For example, some dog toys are both chew toys and doggy treat feeders. Toller Tails will rate each aspect and also give an overall product rating

  • Any product that has been sent to Toller Tails for testing by manufacturer or as part of an ambassadorship or anything like that, then it will be stated clearly.

Dog Product Review Challenges

Variety is the spice of Toller and doggy life. That's why Toller Tails has planned a number of challenges that will be featured. One of the upcoming product review challenges involves chew tires and will compare which dog toy company designed it better! So subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest in my Toller Testing. Woof!🐾

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