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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since the humans have time on their hands with them doing their part with #StayAtHome because of #Corvid19 they thought why not celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

So, today was our first attempt at a posed picture together. As the humans say, it was an epic fail. Not really epic... but it was something.

To cheer everyone up who is social distancing and staying at home, we thought we'd post our first attempt at a posed photo to make humans and their furry friends smile.

Henry Toller Tails dog wearing a hat and waiting
Henry waiting for Hedy to chill so the bacon will appear

It started off fine. But Hedy was just a bit too excited about well...everything.

Hedy Toller Tails puppy dog chewing on Henry's hat
Hedy Toller Tails checking out Henry's St. Paddy's Day hat.

Henry and Hedy Toller Tails dogs posing together in St. Patricks Day costume
Henry Toller Tails telling the humans to take photo because Hedy is about to bounce.

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Remember to stay at home if you aren't feeling well.

Also, practicing social distancing doesn't mean your doggy or puppy can't enjoy a walk or outdoor exercise with you. If you are going to a dog park, then all humans should make sure to not stand in groups and practice social distancing. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Henry & Hedy

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