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Introducing Hedy Toller Tails, who Barks about the Pup Side of Things!

Knew there were changes a foot when my humans set up the puppy pen.

Being 2 years old, I'm all grown up. My puppy days are behind me...well mostly behind me.

To prepare they kept putting items in the puppy zone. Personally, I was pretty m'eh and uninterested in the puppy zone toys. I mean...been there and chewed that.

Henry the ducktoller looking at a rainbow dragon unicorn dog toy
Henry Toller Tails checking out the rainbow dragon unicorn dog toy

Until the day the rainbow dragon unicorn appeared!

It's a rainbow dragon and a unicorn. You don't see that type of dog toy every day!

But it was something about the size that made me think something special was about to happen. And it did!

A couple of weeks later, I got a little furry sister named Hedy.

About Hedy Toller Tails

Hedy is great. She's the little sister I've been waiting for! Now, Hedy Toller Tails is pretty new to the world, both dog and human. That's why I'll be around to show her the best spots to sniff.

Hedy's name is inspired by the early 20th century film star, Hedy Lamarr, who was also an inventor and credited with helping invent frequency hopping technology which is part of how humans use their Bluetooth stuff.

Henry Toller Tails puppy dog
Hedy Toller Tails in middle of puppy dog toy testing

Any humans noticed that Hedy Toller Tails is also pretty inventive and thinks she's a film star and Hedy agrees with that.

Hedy Toller Tails will be dog blogging about all things puppy and doggy and giving dogs and their humans her views from the pup side of the leash.

Hedy in particular is engaged in her research testing puppy level chew toys.

Subscribe to so you don't miss Hedy's insights from the pup side.

So, welcome Hedy to the Toller Tails pack!

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