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Introducing Toller Tails!

Henry will always tell it Straight from the Snout™ Photo:©Charlotte Wolters &

Toller Tails is focused on all things related to Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and their humans. In Straight from the Snout™, Henry will tell it like it is and provide insight from the Toller side of things.

What to Expect from Toller Tails and Straight from the Snout™

Toller Tails aims to provide useful information by creating original and fun content that speaks to all dogs, their humans as well as Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever fans and Toller owners.

Straight from the Snout™

Henry tells it like it is and muses about Toller life in Straight from the Snout™ . He's learned lots in the year and a half since he was born and will share his insights from his perspective. Henry reviews dog toys, dog leashes, harnesses and all things he thinks will interest his fellow canines and their humans.

Henry, with the help of his humans, will provide book reviews of dog training books and tips he's gathered over the last year and a half on living a happy Toller life. Feel free to subscribe to get the latest Straight from the Snout™ post and Toller Tails site updates.🐾

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