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Wag Your Tails for Two Tremendous Tollers Helping Australia’s Koalas

Hazel and Maple are Two Tremendous Tollers who live in Australia. Along with their human, they started a fundraiser for Koala Rescue SA. They sold custom koala dog bandanas to help rainse money for the koalas. They sold out quickly thanks to the generousity of the international dog community.

To date, Hazel, Maple and their human raised $800 AU for Adelaide Koala Rescue.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Hazel, Maple and their human about their wonderful work.

Henry Toller Tails (HTT): Thanks for agreeing to speak with me. Hazel and Maple, tell me what are the conditions like for dogs and their humans in Australia right now?

Two Tremendous Tollers (TTT): The conditions right now here in Adelaide are not as bad as the conditions in Melbourne and Sydney.

In Melbourne and Sydney air quality is at a hazardous level where people are being urged to bring all animals inside including chickens and birds. However, over the past few days there has been storms in Melbourne which the rain has helped to clear some of the smoke haze. HTT: How did you decided to make dog bandana’s as a fundraiser for Koala Rescue SA?

TTT: We had the Koala Bandanas organised for Australia Day already and when the bushfire tragedy happened we decided we would donate part proceeds to the Adelaide Koala Rescue team for their amazing efforts. We donated $10AU per bandana (50% of proceeds) to this amazing organisation who are working around the clock to save hundreds of Koalas lives.

HTT: Are there other ways dogs and their humans from around the world can help animals caught in the devastation of the Australia wildfires?

TTT: There are definitely other ways people can help from around the world - definitely donating is the best possible way at the moment to help the families and communities directly affected by these bushfires.

Below are the Instagram account addresses of some organisations you can donate directly to: @cfsfoundation⁣ @nswrfs⁣ @cfavic⁣ @redcrossau⁣ @warriorsforwildlife⁣ @portmacquariekoalahospital⁣ @wilflifevictoria

Some other South Australian organisations dogs and their humans can donate to are:

HHT: Thanks, Two Tremendous Tollers for all you are doing! Keep us posted.

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