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What are you thankful for?

Henry Toller Tails Wants to Know: What are You Thankful for?

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and I’ve got a lot to be thankful for such as: my forever and ever home, my fur friends and a whole world to explore. Not ever doggy is so lucky to find loving humans or has a warm home when it gets cold.

That’s why I think it’s important,especially on Thanksgiving, to highlight the hard work by humans who help us dogs and all the other animals in need.

Toller Rescue Inc

If you are thinking of adding a Toller to your family, consider connecting with Toller Rescue Inc and rescuing a Toller or Toller Mix in need. The people at Toller Rescue Inc work with shelters and other rescues organizations to help purebred Tollers and Toller Mixes find home.

Dog Tales

We also want to give a special bark out to Dog Tales located in Canada. Dog Tales was founded by two caring humans, Rob and Danielle, in 2014. They have created a dog rescue organization that is animal centered and focused on ensuring the dogs in their care have the best chance for finding a forever home.

Some of my best friends are rescues. Also, there are a lot of ways to support Dog Tales from adopting a dog , volunteering and making a donation. They even rescue horses!

Free Korean Dogs

Some of my favourite fur friends were rescued from Korea. They were saved from dog meat farms by the dedicated humans of Free Korean Dogs. Thanks to humans adopting and working with Free Korean Dogs, some of my dog friends now live in safety and are well loved. If your human knows someone who is interested in adopting or supporting the work of animal rescue in Korea, then you may want to check Free Korean Dogs out.

So, this Thanksgiving, when you are lucky enough to get a lick of whipping cream or some juicy Thanksgiving treat, consider nudging your human to spread the word about dog rescue, or asking your human to consider donating to their local animal rescue organization.

Woofy! Woof!

Love Henry

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