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Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy Easter!

This year is not the normal Easter holiday filled with dog meet ups, family events and play dates with friends. Staying home is hard on us doggies and also our humans.

In fact, our humans got a little bored and attempted a joint fursibling Easter photo. Which in dog language...was an epic fail.

Given that everyone needs a smile these days, we thought they should share our epic Easter photo fail.

Hedy, a Toller puppy (left), and Henry, (an adult Ducktoller dog (right)
Hedy (left) and Henry (right) Toller Tails settle down for first Fursibling Easter Photo

Most of our fursibling Easter photo attempts were spent playing Easter Bunny Wrestling!

Hedy puppy (left) and Henry dog (right) wrestle wearing bunny ears.
Hedy (left) and Henry (right) Easter Bunny Wrestling.

Humans were wondering where Hedy got her paws on the cat's brush. All we can say, is us Tollers are smart and have our doggy ways of finding all the things we shouldn't.

Hedy a puppy eft) wearing bunny ears chewing a brush and Henry (right) waiting for her to lose interest
Hedy (left) chewing a brush she found and Henry (left) waiting for the humans to take the brush away and who is just in it for the bacon.

All of us at wish everyone has a Happy and Healthty Easter!

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